I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I relate painting to my life journey - life movement - life exploration - life's challenge of attempting to see through the physical surface, into the essence, the true realities.

I studied fine art all through college, but as a secondary focus with Psychology being first, the 'real job' scenario. Continually drawn back to painting, taking many workshops and classes along the way, I realized that my 'real life' was my art, my creativity, and the healing that follows. My work has been exhibited everywhere from art fairs to galleries, shops, restaurants and businesses across the country, and resides in many public and private collections.

Although born in Eugene, Oregon, I moved many times around the country with my family, growing up in a changing, no roots world. I learned to become very adaptable to many types of people, places and situations, which has been a great gift in life. But it was in Nature where I always found my peacefulness, my soul source - the main constant I could rely on - whose rhythms continually inspire me. I choose to live my life and interact with my art by striving always for that same organic grace which Nature offers to us all.

Alana Cellaire