Pet Portraits

Have you ever wanted to have a portrait painted of your special animal companion?

My pet portraits are painted from photographs sent to me by the client, either post or email. A few of your favorite photos will be great, as we can discuss the composition of the painting from there.

Canvas portraits can be displayed without a frame, or you can add a frame of your choice. The canvas sizes are all standard to fit into 'ready-made' frames.

I work primarily in Acrylics on high quality 100% acid free canvas in the sizes below. If you do not see what you want, or for larger paintings, please contact me!


"Alana Cellaire is a very talented artist and I own several of her original works. So, when my best dog pal Gracie was entering the last chapter of her life, I asked Alana to paint her portrait. The result was stunning! Alana captured the energy and very essence of Gracie. What a gift! Now Gracie will always be with me." - G.D.C.

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"Occasionally into your life comes the sweet sound of "meow". It means "I am hungry"; It means "pay attention to me." But most of all it means love between you and your Kitty. This is Calli. She was loved!"

"And it was artist Alana Cellaire who was able to bring Calli's energy to life on canvas. It warms my heart to be able to see her portrait everyday and continually experience the love we shared. - Margo M.


A 50% deposit is required to begin the painting. Upon completion I will email you a digital image of the painting. Once you are satisfied with it, the final payment will be required.

All photos sent by post will be returned upon completion of the painting.

I ship world wide and each painting is carefully packaged and fully insured to allow for its safe arrival. Shipping costs are calculated separately according to size and destination.

Thank you for your interest!! Drop me a note and we can begin the process - [email protected]